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30 min. Consultation Session

Ready to gain clarity and breakthrough…Let’s get started with a free 30 min. consultation session. This session will help you to make an empowered decision through getting to know more about each other, discussing your vision, goals, and concerns, and discovering how I can support you.

Some of the services I provide are:

Personalized 1:1 Sessions

Personalized life coaching to help you achieve the personal growth, inner transformation, well-being, and career success you aspire for and further tap into your life’s potential to live a truly fulfilling life of your vision.

Motivational Speeches, Seminars, and Workshops

Supporting educational institutions, non-profit organizations, and companies to foster a culture of care for self and others, and strengthen their students/employees personal well-being, identity, mental health, and success.

CoachInspire Motivation Program

A 12 weeks transformational program that consists of: (a) Individual life coaching sessions, (b) Live group sessions and presentations, (c) Consistent encouragement and community support, and (d) Evidence-based tools and strategies to help you cultivate a strong sense of purpose, identity, and motivation for realizing your life’s vision and potential.

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