Motivational Speaker Services


My work experiences as a counselor, professor, scholar, and life coach in addition to diverse cultural and life experiences have empowered me as a Motivational Speaker to facilitate workshops, seminars, and presentations that can support educational institutions, non-profit organizations, and business companies to actualize their vision and promote personal and professional well-being. My sessions are based on each organization's unique needs and goals.

Some of the areas that I have been invited to present on are sense of purpose and meaning, career identity, goal-setting, motivation, mental health and well-being, work-life balance, positive coping, relationship building, cross-cultural dialogues, happiness, stress management, hope, and persistence.

With my motivational speaker services, I aim to bring unparalleled energy, passion, and transformation to my audience. As an experienced counselor and life coach with years of research in Positive Psychology, I inspire the audience to awaken to the vast potential, dignity, and purpose of their own life - feeling empowered and ready to tackle challenges head-on.

With diverse life stories and intersectional identities, I connect with every individual based on our shared humanity - igniting a renewed sense of purpose and motivation. Whether you're seeking to boost team morale, enhance leadership skills, drive personal growth, or create a culture of care for self and others, my speeches and motivational strategies are humanistic, research-based, and personalized to meet your specific needs.


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