Stress Management Services


While trying to fulfill all our personal, professional, and community-oriented goals, we often experience feelings of being stressed and overwhelmed. At times such stress is caused by lack of time, resources, and external support. And most of the time, stress is caused by lack of belief in the vast potential of our own life, which often surfaces as desire to give up and compromise on one aspect of life for another, lack of motivation, unclarity, despair, and diminished personal well-being.

While supporting you to cope with stress, overcome feelings of being overwhelmed, and continue to stay motivated to live a life of your vision - I engage in humanistic, encouragement-based coaching processes that can help you experience renewed sense of purpose and self-confidence. Rooted in my research expertise on the topics of life purpose, hope, happiness, motivation, career development, and inner well-being, I empower clients with evidence-based strategies that can help them effectively cope with present hardships and stress.

I have also integrated my educational expertise in counseling, research in Positive Psychology, and humanistic processes of life coaching to develop a 12 weeks transformational program that consists of: (a) Individual life coaching sessions, (b) Live group sessions and presentations, (c) Consistent encouragement and community support, and (d) Evidence-based tools and strategies that will help you resolve the underlying issues behind current feelings of stress and overwhelm, and further cultivate a strong sense of purpose, identity, and motivation for realizing your life’s vision and potential.

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