• Jeanne Bellinger

    "Dr. Gitima Sharma led a session on mental health and wellness for our school's teachers. She was generous with both her time and expertise. She worked closely with teachers to process different dimensions of their well-being such as social well-being, emotional coping, professional development, and so on. She was passionate and engaging. Teachers specifically appreciated the discussions on work-life balance and how to promote empathy and compassion for self and others - within and beyond school community. She bonded with the teachers immediately because they could sense her genuine care. She will enrich any organization that has the good fortune to hire her. "

  • Prerna Oberoi

    "Dr. Sharma has been a light during my path, a source of hope, and true inspiration. During my life's most challenging times, she made me feel understood and appreciated for who I am and efforts that I was already making, which gave me the strength to not give up. I was amazed by how much I learned about my own self and what I want out of life within our first session. She supported me to set clear goals and make decisions that truly fulfilled me. She also researched specifically for my concerns and shared many helpful resources that strengthened my mental health and well-being. If you are looking for more clarity and motivation, Gitima is your person! I am forever grateful! "

  • Alex Savath

    "My sessions with Gitima have been transformative, incredibly constructive and beneficial to all areas of my life. She helped me navigate through my struggles and personal life goals. I am able to clearly push through my obstacles from her encouragement and coaching. I am very thankful to have been able to connect with Gitima and develop trust, gain deeper insights, and expand my life's possibilities. "

  • Shubhi Sachdeva

    "I'm incredibly grateful for the transformative experience I had with Gitima. At a time when I was going through a very challenging phase, struggling to find a job in the midst of the pandemic in 2020, Gitima's guidance and support became a beacon of light. From our very first conversation, Gitima exhibited a deep understanding and empathy for my situation, creating a safe space where I could share my fears and frustrations openly. Despite the setbacks and rejections I faced, she helped me uncover the hidden opportunities and possibilities that I couldn't see on my own. Through her insightful questioning and gentle encouragement, Gitima guided me to explore my passions, talents, and untapped potential. She used her vast experience in counseling to help me cultivate a positive mindset, teaching me to embrace resilience and maintain hope. Gitima empowered me with practical tools and strategies to enhance my self-confidence, develop a strong personal and purpose-driven brand, and make a meaningful impact in the world. Throughout our journey, Gitima's unwavering support, compassion, and expertise to hold space for my challenges while simultaneously helping me transform and fulfill my goals was truly remarkable. She helped me navigate through a difficult phase and come out stronger on the other side. If you are going through a challenging time or feeling lost, I wholeheartedly recommend Gitima as a life coach. Her ability to help you see the larger purpose and guide you towards a fulfilling path is truly exceptional. "